5 years ago, an idea changed my life…well, it was less of an idea, more of a breakdown.

One day, I was weaving my way through the tube platform, caught up in the usual busy-ness of London, when suddenly I thought of my grandpa George.

At the time, Alzheimer’s was slowly but surely consuming his mind. He was socially isolated most of the time and, undoubtedly, depressed.

However, when we were together, we could share a profound love. Gripping his hand tight, a heartfelt kiss on the cheek, just a touch could burst a heavenly light through the darkness of…

I was struggling to get out of bed.
There was a crazy lady stuck in my head.

For months she was shouting at me.
Calling me stupid.
A thief.


She told me she was getting rid of me.
That she wouldn’t pay me a dime for my time.
That my presence had no rhythm or rhyme.

I said OK.

That’s fine…
I’ll survive…

Do you know what happened?

I didn’t die…
I’m still alive…

I awake and watch the sunlight
Beneath the shutters.
It had escaped the night
I had escaped with it.

There are some days where the world is dreadfully quiet.

Even the screeching sound of a train on its track seems so external that it doesn’t impact the emptiness inside your mind.

Everyone seems busy — except for you. And, as you stare blankly into your shoes you decide it’s best you make a move.

You glean at your smartphone’s screen. As you watch the time ticking and tocking, slowly knocking from one side to another, it feels like it’s never moved slower.

Suddenly, a bullet shoots right through your chest.

You look down to check your breast for blood…

Mariah Carey came out as having bipolar disorder last week. And it got me thinking: Do I have bipolar?

Trending across all social media channels, she was thrust back into the spotlight which, admittedly, she has hardly left since her debut album back in 1990.

For some reason, we thought we knew her. The songstress, the diva, the figure of female empowerment: But she eluded us all with the announcement of her continued struggle with her mental health.

How is that possible? How could she have kept something like bipolar a secret for so long? Was there not enough paparazzi…

I’ve always heard people say: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” But I guess I’ve never taken it seriously. There’s so many changes I want to see, how can I be every single one of them?

Sometimes, you become the answer without intending to be.

However, today I’ve decided to tackle the challenge head-on and write down the changes I want to be (and see!) in the world. …

If you know where this image is from ❤


The winds of change are all around me. The leaves of the trees outside my window twist and turn as if powering the words that flow through my mind. They twinkle in a sunlight that does not forget the days that came before, and does not resist the days that are still to come. The light dances through the pane of glass above my bed, awakening me from my slumber. It blinds me from above so that I never have to look up and wonder: “How is this happening?”

Because the answers are not above me, somewhere near the distant…

A Typical Beirut Traffic Jam filled with “Service”

The other day my friend says to me: “George, if you don’t want to keep spending money on minicabs, why don’t you take a “Service”? [Italicised to denote the necessary French-Lebanese pronunciation] They’re cheaper than a normal cab and you can pick them up from anywhere!”

“Service” I said… “You mean the taxis that constantly blast their horn at you as you walk down the street? The ones that leave you somewhere between deaf and crazy, in an attempt to startle you into their car?!”

“Yep, those ones. The thing is, sometimes you’ll have to share your ride with other…

The idea of moving to another country is always there. The opportunity to move to another country? Not necessarily. But what’s the difference between an idea and an opportunity? An idea is one that can forever exist in your mind. One that you do not act on. One that you have not created but rather created itself within you.

An opportunity is real. It exists within the external world: It is tangible. It has strings attached. It’s not perfect. In fact, its imperfection is what makes it both exciting and petrifying all at once.

Where will I live?

Who will…

The time we share is precious.

Don’t let it slip away,

It’s ours to treasure.

If we never look up, we will never see.

If we never look within, we will never be

Fair in our actions.

Delirious in attraction,

We are much more than what we appear.

We are energy.

We are light.

In every breath our spirits delight,

As we pursue the challenges outside.

Don’t forget,

The greatest of all lie not in our vision,

They reside in each of our decisions.

It’s the push of our will

Against the pull of our ills.

It’s experiences shared


Quicker than the blink of an eye, expectations of ourselves and others are formed and destroyed. That’s how the mind operates. At least, that’s what I used to think…

As a child, exposed to the world, I learned to relativise my life with others’. When I understood what other people’s parents were like, I felt my dad was not the person he should be. My mother wasn’t either. “But life isn’t perfect” I would tell myself, holding onto an unascertainable amount of anger and resentment.

A few years ago, I visited a Guru. She was speaking in the conference room…

George Taktak

Entrepreneur with a passion for Mind, Millenials & Technology. Founder of How Mental www.howmental.com

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