There are some days where the world is dreadfully quiet.

Even the screeching sound of a train on its track seems so external that it doesn’t impact the emptiness inside your mind.

Everyone seems busy — except for you. …

Mariah Carey came out as having bipolar disorder last week. And it got me thinking: Do I have bipolar?

Trending across all social media channels, she was thrust back into the spotlight which, admittedly, she has hardly left since her debut album back in 1990.

For some reason, we thought…

I’ve always heard people say: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” But I guess I’ve never taken it seriously. There’s so many changes I want to see, how can I be every single one of them?

Sometimes, you become the answer without intending to be.


If you know where this image is from ❤


The winds of change are all around me. The leaves of the trees outside my window twist and turn as if powering the words that flow through my mind. They twinkle in a sunlight that does not forget the days that came before, and does not resist the days that…

A Typical Beirut Traffic Jam filled with “Service”

The other day my friend says to me: “George, if you don’t want to keep spending money on minicabs, why don’t you take a “Service”? [Italicised to denote the necessary French-Lebanese pronunciation] They’re cheaper than a normal cab and you can pick them up from anywhere!”

“Service” I said… “You…

The idea of moving to another country is always there. The opportunity to move to another country? Not necessarily. But what’s the difference between an idea and an opportunity? An idea is one that can forever exist in your mind. One that you do not act on. …

The time we share is precious.

Don’t let it slip away,

It’s ours to treasure.

If we never look up, we will never see.

If we never look within, we will never be

Fair in our actions.

Delirious in attraction,

We are much more than what we appear.

We are…

Quicker than the blink of an eye, expectations of ourselves and others are formed and destroyed. That’s how the mind operates. At least, that’s what I used to think…

As a child, exposed to the world, I learned to relativise my life with others’. When I understood what other people’s…

George Taktak

Entrepreneur with a passion for Mind, Millenials & Technology. Founder of How Mental

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